The idea for our clothing brand was formed on the basis of a personal desire. Though we certainly did not dislike the outfits offered by the existing tennis brands, we felt a need for tennis clothing that offered more than just another pattern of colours and a brand logo. Specifically, we felt a need for (more) graphic tennis tees.

It’s our mission to create tennis t-shirts that stand out from the ordinary, first and foremost because of the designs, but also because of its casual look. All our tees are made out of 100% cotton, making them suitable for both on and off the court.

We want to create t-shirts that our cool to wear during practice or off court, when we feel it’s nice to wear something a little more casual and perhaps a little less serious than the mainstream tennis clothing.

We strive for high quality in our designs as well as in our clothing. In making our designs we have collaborated with top notch graphic designers, lettering artists and illustrators. Our clothing itself is made out of organic fabrics of the finest quality. We have payed a lot of time to finding the right fit for the tees, so they are comfortable to wear hitting forehands and backhands, but also when one’s chilling outside the court.

Freshdeuce is a brand created by and for tennis enthusiasts. Like any other fresh juice it’s pure; pure tennis, that is.


Freshdeuce: pure tennis